About Us

Ahmadiyya Elementary School

Our Mission

The mission of the Ahmadiyya Elementary School is rooted in our commitment to the highest standards of academic and spiritual excellence. Our aim is to cultivate an environment in which students can develop to their fullest potential, through the understanding and application of the values of Jama`at Ahmadiyya, in order to become productive, informed and moral leaders for the benefit of their communities and the world at large. 

Our Philosophy

We foster an environment where anybody who enters Ahmadiyya Elementary School, including children, parents, or staff should fully embrace love, peace, and respect. The staff at Ahmadiyya Elementary School has set goals for achieving a high standard for the academic, social and moral education of our students. It is our mission that our children will reach their maximum potential and become a positive part of the Jama`at and larger society, Inshallah Ta`la.

The Ahmadiyya Elementary School is held every year during regular school period. 

Saman Ghafar, Admin at Ahmadiyya Elementary School

Surriya Sami Ahmad, Principal of Ahmadiyya Elementary School 

Ahmadiyya Summer School 

The Ahmadiyya Summer School is held every year during the summer break. All fees collected are used towards school operations such as rental and stationary etc.  The management team is as follows:


Dr. Hameed A. Mirza, National Secretary Ta`lim, Jama`at Ahmadiyya Canada.